Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Miss You

My letter to relationships
Dear Relationship,
I miss you.
I miss being in you.
I miss the companionship.
I miss having someone whose intention is to listen to what bothers/hurts/upsets me though at some point they stop and are just staring at me pretending to listen
I miss his desire to “fix” my problem, I think it’s cute b/c he can’t help it
I miss being slightly upset because he wants to “fix” my problem when I really just want him to listen to it
I miss actually wanting him to “fix” my problem because sometimes his solution is better/more logical than my own
I miss him being mad at whoever upset me
I miss being held
I miss the touch of that special someone
I miss somebody caring about me on purpose
I miss being told that the part of my personality that I see as a flaw is something he enjoys
I miss being on the verge of getting mad with him and then a particular song plays and all is {{momentarily}} forgotten
I miss wrestling with him
I miss depending on someone {{even in the slightest way}} to make/keep me happy
I miss someone being dependent on me {{even in the slightest way}} to make/keep them happy
I miss someone appreciating the fact that I’m easy to please

Come back to me, please {{in the right form though}}

Love, Me

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