Sunday, April 24, 2011

the Lightbulb is Flickering

so it hit me, my brother is partially to blame for why I love rap music that is so out of my character

songs like
  • 8Ball & MJG's whole Coming Out Hard album
  • Crucial Conflict's "Hay"
  • Tela's "Sho'Nuff"
  • The Luniz's "I Got Five On It"
  • Do or Die's "Smoke and Ride"
  • Do or Die's "Do You Wanna Ride"

and so many others like it. His friends listened to these songs too and I would just ride and listen. My brother isn't a drinker or a smoker either but, like me, his friends are. and I'd just ride while they were doing that too (well not drinking of course)

my friend is always cracking jokes on me b/c I like thugs and he says that looking at me you'd think I wouldn't like songs like these or educated thugs but I do. I love them.

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