Monday, April 18, 2011


I've come to learn (between getting my first one and designing my second and last one) that NOBODY will understand the significance behind your tattoo the way you do no matter how many times you explain it

Someone is always going to say it was stupid, pointless, etc b/c they've not seen/heard/been through whatever it was that inspired the tattoo

and that's fine, the world isn't meant to understand why you got stars tatted behind your ear or a picture of Katt Williams on your left shoulder blade

Some interesting ones I've seen

-a small pair of scissors on the neck of a hairstylist who specializes in cuts
-an eye with a tear drop on the thigh of my camp counselor to memorialize her best friend who died after taking a bullet for her
- a bar code to signify a friend being a product of her parents (I thought that was really clever)

A tweet just came across my timeline about how someone doesn't understand another person's tattoo and I felt compelled to post this. Also because after describing my next tattoo to a friend she said it was cool how it has significance to so many people in my life in different ways

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