Friday, March 18, 2011

If You Do This, I'm Questioning Your Character

It was suggested that I write a piece on things people do that I don’t like. This should be fun.

I’m not that hard to please and it takes a lot to make me REALLY mad {{actually it’s still a mystery to me about what pisses me off to the point where I react without thinking, post coming soon}}. There are, however, minor things that make me question the character of others, regardless of whether or not I know them.
Because these things irritate me I do my best to make sure I, myself, don't do them. And I don’t. I realized that a lot of these things stem from my motto of “treating people the way you want to be treated”. I can’t help it, that is just how I live my life.

My first piece that consists of a list {{that’s exciting to me for some reason}}

The ungrateful, rude, and disrespectful people of the world
Where is your home training? Oh, that’s right, you probably don’t have any.
            Ungrateful- If someone has done something for you (whether you asked or they volunteered) the LEAST you could do is say “thanks”. Simply because, bottom line, they didn’t HAVE to, even if you did ask. If the result wasn’t the way you’d hoped, still say something along the lines of “thanks, but I’d have preferred if it were done this way”. Or, you could always decline their help and do it your damn self. My favorite motivational speaker, Jonathan Sprinkles, once said “the way you say thank you often determines if the giver will give again”. Yup, that.
Personally, regardless of whether or not you asked, if I do for you it will be done MY way. I will try to consider your way but remember, I AM NOT YOU. If I choose to do for you, it will done my way, on my time.
Rude- That is so unnecessary on so many levels. Did you not learn manners at an early age? Saying “please”, “thank you’, “excuse me”, “I’m sorry”, etc IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT, trust me. I taught children (ages 1 -3) and if I can get them to say the aforementioned phrases why can’t your old behind do the same? It’s ridiculous and what makes it worse is when someone is rude to you, you want to have things out of the ordinary (say a cow, a fit, temper tantrum, etc) instead of realizing that you do it to other people.
Disrespectful- You never know what kind of day the person you’re encountering is having/has had. Your attitude could make them feel better or push them over the edge. Go for the former. If you have an attitude, check it before you speak to someone (even if they’re the reason you have the attitude). Don’t talk to people in a way/tone of voice you wouldn’t want used on you. If you’re mad and need information, your salty attitude is NOT going to get you the information you need. Esp. if it’s ME you’re coming to. Also, you have no right to disrespect me because I don’t think/believe the same things you do. As my favorite painter (SYM1) says “never is the best time to disrespect me”. Yeah, what she said. 

Bad parents
This one should be self explanatory. In the case that it’s not, I’m referring to the people with kids you see that make you want to call DFACS for whatever reason. Yeah, those. Oh, and call me whatever you’d like but I have absolutely no sympathy for women who struggle caring for baby numb. 1 and go out and have more kids. Why on earth would you have another kid when you KNOW you can’t take care of the first one? The excuse “accidents happen” does not work with me in this situation. I’m not saying become celibate until you can take care of your child but you do need to be more careful the next time.

People who do things to others but get mad when the EXACT same thing is done to them
This is simple. If it made YOU mad, sad, etc why in the hell would you do it to someone else? I don’t understand how people can be okay with inflicting a feeling on others that they themselves wouldn’t want inflicted on them. Though it happens, I HATE getting my feelings hurt so in turn, I do just about whatever it takes to NOT hurt other people’s feelings. {{I won’t lie to you though, I’ll just give it to you with a delicious chaser}}

Complainers who have EVERY ability in the world to change their situation but don’t, and KEEP complaining
Apparently you aren’t that bothered by the situation because you have yet to do your part in changing it.  If you’re going to stay in the situation and not do anything about it, you officially lose your right to complain. So shut up. Keep your hurt, disappointed feelings to yourself (or at least away from me).

Certain church people
Every church has these types of people. You know who I’m talking about.

Mistreatment of people who aren’t exactly a size 3
Making fun of someone whose clothes come in a size bigger than yours is not going to keep you in shape, I promise.  

Mistreatment of the elderly
  You’d gladly catch a case if you were to discover that someone disrespected/mistreated your grandmother. So why are you disrespecting/mistreating somebody else’s? Your grandmother wouldn’t approve of your behavior, I’m sure.

Women who fight each other when a man played both of them
He played both of y’all so she feels the same way you do whether she admits it or not. He hurt her too. Get mad at him, not her.

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