Friday, March 18, 2011


I shall not uphold any one way friendships this year. It is emotionally draining. {{via my friend Peachez}}

Hahahaa..I feel that way as well.

I'm tired. Not sure what kind of tired I am but I'm tired.

Tired of being in one-sided friendships. Tired of having to be the one to reach out to keep in touch with others who call themselves my friend.
Tired of having to deal with the fact that the only time some people call, text, write on my fbk wall, etc is only AFTER I did it to them. {{I've gotten used to and over those people in the "I only call when I want something" category. Tired of them too though.}}

Tired of loaning my stuff out to people only for them to never return it (that sh*t is about to change, TODAY) or act as if they can keep it since they've had it for so long. From here on out, you have to be pretty damn special in order for me to loan my belongings out to you. And I still might not do it then.

With all of this technology there should be NO way you can't keep up your end of keeping in touch with me. I have a fbk, a twitter, multiple email accounts and most people have my number. So, if I can make time for you then why the hell can't you make time for me?

I don't mean take a 3 day vacation from work and devote all your time to me. Call every once and again to say hi, to see how things are going etc. Don't wait until the holidays and put me on some mass texting list and all you say is "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year" what have you. That is no longer acceptable in my book.

Why must I be the one to maintain friendships and keep them up?

 I ALWAYS answer my phone (unless I absolutely, positively can't which doesn't happen often) and respond to text messages in a timely fashion. I EVEN check and return voicemails. But then there are those people who will see that you called them and decide not to return the phone call/text message. I am about to become that person to some people. I didn’t want it to come to this but it has. Oh well.

And these people always have the audacity to say, when we do talk, "long time no hear"...hmph, wonder whose fault that is.

I talked with my homeboy about this and he told me to stop reaching out to people who don't give me the same respect. Done. He also said some people don't know how to be a friend, don’t realize when they have a true friend, etc. We both agreed that at some point it's a sign of maturity. I told him (and I strongly feel this) that I hit that maturity March 8 of 2010 when I turned 25. I have a lot to work on but I'm definitely not where I was, say 2 years ago.

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