Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Different Sides of People

I saw on Tumblr a post that said there are two sides to everybody, a side that they allow others to see and a side that nobody sees (or something like that)

how true that is

people display on their blogs, fbks, and twitters, etc a side of themselves that they hope will be welcomed by some because they know they won't be welcomed by all

then, once their phones have been turned off, computers shut down and it's just them in their rooms a whole new side of them shows up

a side that they're afraid to put on display for fear of whatever be it being judged, disliked, outcasted, what have you

this doesn't make these people fake, to me, it makes them human

Or, maybe it's just me who's like that

I mean what you see on here, my other blog, fbk and twitter is what you'll get when you actually see me but deep down at my core is someone only I recognize

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