Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Don't Get It

I don’t get it. 

I don’t personally know either of you. You two live in my damn computer. How did I get caught in the middle? 

Yes, you talked with me about the other but the other never mentioned you to me. and I never asked. Not my damn fault.

You and I were becoming good “inside the computer friends”. He and I are good “inside the computer” friends. My e-friendships with both of you are on two completely different levels and I connect with each of you in completely different ways.  and then something that I had no damn parts in has allowed you to stop being my friend. I don’t understand and I’m no longer going to try to understand it either.

I halfway think you thought I wanted him but then I say to myself that you of ALL people know who is climbing the ladder towards my heart. 

I did what I could to comfort you during what happened. I gave you words of encouragement and my motive behind those words was making the situation better for the BOTH of you. 

I didn’t try to get you two together, I didn’t even realize you two were possibly trying to get together until I saw the subtle signs on the social networks. I thought it was cute. 

I never wanted to be in whatever it was you two possibly had going on. I only wanted you two to be and continue to be happy b/c what I saw on the SNs was happiness. 

I want to be sorry that you’re blaming this on me and have stopped communicating with me but I’m not. I didn’t do anything and this is and will be your loss not mine. 

This is why I've started to keep my personal love/extreme like relationships to myself. Things ALWAYS come up when third parties are involved no matter WHO invited said third party. This is why when mutual friends/acquaintances/associates get together I want no parts of it. I’ll be happy for you in the happy moments and will lend my ears for the difficult moments but that’s it. 

It never fucking fails when situations like these go bad. ½ of the relationship stops communicating with me b/c the other half still talks to me. Why is that MY fault? I didn’t ruin the relationship and if we were friends before the relationship we’ll be friends afterwards. I had no parts in how/why the relationship fizzled so why am I being punished?

This is not the first time and I’m halfway positive it won’t be the last. However, this is the last time I give a piece of a care to ppl with the “I can’t be friends with you b/c you talk to whomever” mentality. People like that have gotten way too much of my time already but that’s over and done with

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